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Demystifying Special Construction

In this webinar, panelists explore E-rate’s Special Construction and how many districts, especially small and medium districts, have utilized Special Construction to overcome high one-time costs of constructing fiber networks in order to knock down barriers to high-speed broadband all while reducing their monthly costs.  

Thank you to edWeb.net for hosting this informative webinar.

Show Me the Money: E-rate and a Whole Lot More

EdTech and the learning opportunities it can offer are exciting. Funding EdTech is where it can become challenging for many districts. In this webinar, expert panelists discuss E-rate and secrets to successful grant writing to help your district secure funding.

Thank you to edWeb.net for hosting this informative webinar.

Explainer Videos

Dedicated Fiber Advantages

Network demands for school districts are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately, the shared fiber wide area network (WAN) solutions provided by cable and phone companies aren’t designed to handle this rapidly increasing network traffic at an effective cost. With Velocity Fiber, districts have a road map to virtually unlimited WAN bandwidth. Our fiber WAN solutions give you a reliable, affordable connection that paves the way for success in today’s schools.

K-12 WAN Pain Points

Your school district is increasingly faced with obstacles on the path to a faster and more reliable network. Wide area network (WAN) bandwidth demands are getting steeper, prices are increasing at every turn and budgets aren’t keeping pace. Not to mention inflexible contract terms, outages and performance bottlenecks can make the journey unbearable. At Velocity Fiber, we feel your WAN pain … and solve it!

K-12 Experience You Can Count On!

There’s a lot riding on your school district’s wide area network (WAN) these days. Everything from digital learning tools to parent communications and even building security are counting on your WAN to perform at peak performance and maximum uptime. That’s why your fiber superhighway needs to be built by a provider you can rely on. Velocity Fiber’s team members have decades of combined experience working with K-12 and higher education organizations including expertise building and operating Category 1 eligible fiber networks for USAC E-rate participants.

Routers and switches are great, but it's people who find solutions.

Solutions start with conversations, and we’d love to visit with you to learn more about your organization, fill you in more about what we are up to and see if there are opportunities to work together. Even if there isn’t a fit today, we will be happy to have met you!

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