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Lit and Dark Fiber for K-12, Higher Ed and Municipalities

Velocity Fiber is actively entering new markets across the United States and deploying brand new lit and dark fiber networks. Our specialty is designing, constructing and operating robust fiber Wide Area Networks (WANs) that provide customers with tremendous control, flexibility and a cost-effective road map to virtually unlimited WAN bandwidth.

We have a reputation for building networks where others won’t, and we have a special passion for serving the underserved and delivering networks that solve problems for our customers. Whether you are an E-rate eligible K-12 school district, a college or university preparing for 5G, supporting skyrocketing WiFi demands, or a municipality looking to become a Smart City or improve broadband access, our team at Velocity Fiber would love to talk with you! 

K-12 Districts

Broadband access doesn’t have to limit personalized education or strain budgets. Unlock everything from game-based and collaborative-based learning to virtual and augmented reality all while supporting more devices per student and teacher.

Higher education students studying together using laptops

Higher Ed Institutions

Skyrocketing WiFi demand, aging infrastructure and off campus broadband demands  may be problems facing your college or university today, but tomorrow is a new day with Velocity Fiber.   

city hall building

Municipal Smart Cities

Digital divide … homework gap … IoT driven Smart Cities … economic development issues. It can be a bit overwhelming, but a piece of the solution is within your city or county’s reach.

Seriously Better Fiber Networks

Just because two fiber networks are the same speed does not mean they are equivalent. It is like apples and oranges except with fiber glass. Let’s discuss why and how it impacts your organization.

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