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About Us

Velocity Fiber is an experienced service provider that offers lit and dark fiber solutions, entering new markets across the United States by constructing and operating brand new aerial and underground fiber networks. We build networks in urban, suburban and rural environments, and while we work with a wide range of customers, we are driven to help those entities and communities that are underserved from a fiber connectivity standpoint. Our specialty is designing, constructing and operating robust fiber Wide Area Networks (WANs) that provide customers with tremendous control, flexibility and a cost-effective road map to virtually unlimited WAN bandwidth. 

We firmly believe opportunities to embrace digital technology, whether in schools or business, should not be limited by geography or from a lack of broadband access. Specifically, our team at Velocity Fiber is passionate about delivering optical fiber networks that solve problems for the entities we serve, including broadband intensive student-centered learning models in K-12 school districts, enabling educational research in colleges and universities, and making Smart Cities a reality to help drive economic growth.

Our Services

Leased Lit Fiber

Depending on the type of customer, Velocity Fiber offers dedicated or shared fiber where we provide the electronics to light the fiber strands. We can manage the fiber or offer customer-managed lit fiber. For K-12 school districts through the E-rate Program, our managed leased lit fiber always includes multiple dedicated fiber strands to each district site. Typical leases range between 3 and 10 years with or without optional extension terms, and the monthly price includes all necessary services including Maintenance and Operations (M&O). 

Leased Dark Fiber

Customers receive dedicated fiber strands and provide the electronics necessary to light the fiber. The customer has complete control over the network traffic while Velocity Fiber takes care of all M&O for the fiber Outside Plant (OSP). Typical lease terms range from 5 – 20 years with or without optional extension terms, and our leased dark fiber is ideal for organizations that desire control and flexibility of dedicated fiber without large upfront costs or the responsibility for maintaining the fiber OSP. Velocity Fiber’s dark fiber solutions are actually slightly less per month than lit fiber since the customer provides the electronics to light the fiber.

IRU Dark Fiber

As with leased dark fiber, Velocity Fiber takes care of all Maintenance and Operations (M&O) of the fiber OSP, while customers provide the electronics to light dedicated fiber strands and have complete network traffic control. Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) term lengths are usually 10 – 20 years with or without optional extension terms and are well suited for organizations that prefer a larger non-recurring payment upfront to secure rights to the desired fiber and then a lower monthly price compared to leased dark fiber which covers M&O.

Maintenance & Operations

If your school district, college, university, municipality or county already owns your own fiber network, Velocity Fiber can still lend our expertise by maintaining your fiber OSP infrastructure. In addition, we have the flexibility to tailor the M&O solution to fit your goals, expectations and budget. Just like most service providers, we partner with OSP fiber companies across the country to build and service the outside fiber plant and to serve as our local presence in the market. In addition, all networks are proactively monitored 24x7x365 from redundant network operation centers (NOCs). We can custom design an escalation matrix to meet your criteria and also provide a tailored managed service offering as requested.

Why settle for status quo connectivity?

A powerful future-proofed fiber network designed to be the most cost effective solution in the long term is within your organization’s reach.

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