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Municipal Fiber - Smart Cities

Increasingly, many municipalities are facing difficult decisions regarding internet connectivity for their citizens. Residents want more providers to choose from or at least faster and more reliable internet service, and this is especially true when they hear about neighboring towns or markets in other states having access to Gigabit speeds. In addition, site selection consultants increasingly require robust fiber infrastructure when evaluating potential markets and making recommendations where businesses should relocate. Some communities have multiple fiber providers, but the pricing structure offered by current phone and cable companies makes enabling Smart City technology cost prohibitive.

Cities and towns that choose not to proactively solve fiber challenges in their community run the risk of losing market share to other cities with better internet infrastructure. It is a tough position for a municipality to be in for sure, or at least it was before Velocity Fiber. We have the knowledge and experience to work with your community’s leaders and stakeholders to transform your town from being fiber challenged to having a fiber platform for the future.

Velocity’s Fiber’s team of industry veterans have the knowledge and experience to construct and operate new fiber networks, and we have the creativeness and flexibility to work with your municipality in any of a number of ways including Public Private Partnerships (PPP or P3), design-build models or as an alternate network provider offering lit or dark fiber networks. 

It all depends on your needs and goals and working together to find a way to make it economically feasible for all parties involved. The first step is to contact us today to begin sharing ideas, and we think you will find our approach a refreshing change.

Our Fiber WAN Highlights

True Scalability

Increase WAN speeds whenever you need to without ever increasing your monthly bill.

Dedicated Fiber

Multiple strand fiber solutions for growth or network traffic segmentation for the municipality’s exclusive use.

Customer Control

As much control over the WAN networking as the city or municipality desires with us here if you ever need us. 


Inherent security thanks to dedicated fiber that never passes through a 3rd party facility.


Brand new fiber infrastructure with the absolute minimum possible points of failure.

Spare Equipment

Spare SFP modules to get you back online in less time than it takes to enter a trouble ticket. 

Let's Connect!

Discover how Velocity Fiber's robust fiber networks can solve problems for your community.

Municipal Smart City Fiber Network Services

No matter whether you decide on lit or dark fiber, each Velocity Fiber network solution provides tremendous scalability and agility including a road map to virtually unlimited WAN bandwidth without ever increasing your monthly price.

Velocity Fiber delivers fiber strands to municipal locations and provides the electronics to light the fiber. Leases are typically 3 – 10 years and sometimes include optional extension terms. All necessary services including monitoring and Maintenance and Operations (M&O) are included in the monthly price. 

Leased dark fiber is very similar to our lit fiber service. Generally speaking, from a hardware standpoint, the only difference between our lit and dark fiber is that the city or town provides the electronics necessary to light the fiber. Velocity Fiber takes care of all M&O of the fiber Outside Plant (OSP), and the local government has complete control over the network traffic.

Typical lease terms range between 5 and 20 years and may or may not include optional extension terms. Leased dark fiber networks are ideal for municipalities that desire control and flexibility of dedicated fiber without a large upfront cost or the responsibility for maintaining the outside fiber plant. Velocity Fiber’s dark fiber solutions are actually slightly less per month than lit fiber since the customer provides the electronics to light the fiber.

From a technical standpoint, IRU dark fiber is the same as leased dark fiber. In addition, Velocity Fiber still takes care of all M&O, and the municipality provides the electronics to light dedicated fiber strands and has complete control of the network traffic. Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) term lengths are usually 10 – 20 years and are well suited for government entities that prefer to make a large non-recurring payment upfront to secure rights to the fiber network and then pay a reduced monthly to cover M&O.

If your municipality owns your own fiber network already, Velocity Fiber can still maintain your fiber OSP infrastructure and customize an M&O solution that meets your objectives and budget. As is standard in the industry, we partner with OSP contractors across the country to service the outside fiber plant and serve as our local presence in the market. Then, we proactively monitor your network 24x7x365 from redundant network operation centers (NOCs) and are available to identify, diagnose and remediate faults.

"The message to policymakers is clear: If you want to increase economic growth, focus on broadband."
Robert Pepper
Fellow, The Aspen Institute

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