FCC votes to auction off education wireless spectrum


If you didn’t hear, the FCC voted to auction off part of the 2.5 GHz spectrum that was reserved for Educational Broadband Service (EBS). Even though Velocity Fiber can bring ultra fast managed lit and dark fiber service to school facilities, building fiber infrastructure out to the home is costly and often cost prohibitive. The homework gap is a real issue, and children that do not have access to broadband connections at home are at a huge disadvantage compared to their peers who do have this connectivity. With the prices to operate licensed wireless networks dropping so much, educational institutions, especially in rural communities, were finally in a position to utilize the spectrum and at least close the homework gap. It will be interesting to watch how this unfolds but is disappointing in the meantime.

For more information, here is a great article published by EdSurge that covers the vote and its potential impact.

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