E-rate: Demystifying Special Construction


In case you missed it, Velocity Fiber sponsored a webinar last week titled “E-rate and Fiber Networks: Demystifying Special Construction.” Cynthia Schultz, our Federal Regulatory and Compliance Counsel, put together and moderated a terrific group of presenters including Joe Freddoso (former Cisco executive and former President and CEO of MCNC/The North Carolina Research and Education Network), Kim Friends (one of the nation’s foremost experts in the field of E-rate compliance), and Roy Hoover (Technology Specialist for Lancaster-Lebanon IU13).

Learn how USAC’s Special Construction option is knocking down the previous barriers preventing K-12 school districts from accessing high speed broadband access. This is especially helpful for small and medium school districts and for those in rural areas where there are currently few providers to choose from.

Thank you to edWeb.net for the opportunity, and please watch the archived recording of the webinar. While you are there, be sure to check out other great content edWeb.net hosts.

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