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Dedicated Fiber Advantages

Network demands for school districts are accelerating at an unprecedented rate. Unfortunately, the shared fiber wide area network (WAN) solutions provided by cable and phone companies aren’t designed to handle this rapidly increasing network traffic at an effective cost. With Velocity Fiber, districts have a road map to virtually unlimited WAN bandwidth. Our fiber WAN solutions gives you a reliable, affordable connection that paves the way for success in today’s schools.

While other providers run your traffic through their own devices which adds obstacles that can slow traffic and increase the risk of failure and downtime, our E-rate Category 1 eligible WAN solutions are tailored to K-12 school districts to maximize performance and uptime. We also deliver multiple dedicated fiber strands between each edge site and the district’s designated hub site. So, instead of sharing the road with other customers’ network traffic, with Velocity Fiber, it’s like driving on a private highway dedicated to your district. That means other users’ issues don’t get in your way so you’ll never have to worry about maintenance windows to resolve issues unrelated to your network.

And when it comes to speed, we make sure you’ve got an open road, and you won’t have to deal with oversubscribed fiber routes causing data pileups at the provider hub or head end. That is because your WAN traffic stays between your schools, and our fiber infrastructure creates a true one-to-one connection, letting you transfer data at full speed across all locations.

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