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State E-rate Coordinators (SECA) attempt to help K-12 kids

SECA Asks FCC to Reduce K-12 Pandemic Pain

State E-rate Coordinators (SECA) Ask FCC to Allow E-rate to Pay for Additional Internet Bandwidth for FY2020 and Extend the Waiver of the Gift Rule   Schools and libraries have been essentially shuttered since the onset of the pandemic in March and April of this year.  While many had hoped that Fall would see a

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Timely COVID-19 Legislative State of Play on K-12 Remote Distance Learning

Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, school administrators and technology directors have been tasked with seeking fast and equitable solutions for online remote learning to keep their students and teachers safe.      While many hoped that the FCC would grant longstanding requests for waivers championed by Boulder Valley School District in 2016 to allow E-rate

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self-provisioned network

Definitive FCC decision rules school districts and municipalities can share in self-provisioned network build costs

Self-provisioned network construction cost sharing requirements between school districts and libraries, municipalities and other E-rate ineligible third-parties clarified by the FCC in Park Hill Order.   Highlights The FCC issued a long-awaited clarification on self-provisioned networks and the terms of sharing, resale, and exclusive use. The FCC issued a decision on April 27, 2020, Park

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Special Construction is a solid way for schools to save tech dollars

Special Construction: A Solid Way to Save Your Tech Dollars and Build a Future Proof Network for Your School

The FCC Promotes Special Construction for High Speed Broadband Networks for Schools and Libraries Across the Nation After 20 years, on June 27, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) Permanently Eliminated the E-rate Amortization Requirement thereby easing burden on schools and advancing high speed broadband fiber buildout and infrastructure deployment to our nations’

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SETDA’s Eagerly Awaited Broadband Report

SETDA’s emphasizes the Importance of Increased High-Speed Broadband in K-12 Education SETDA released its Broadband Imperative III, and the report shows the global economy depends on reliable and robust access to the Internet. From job searches and banking, to shopping and entertainment, digital tools and online resources touch every aspect of our lives—in the personal

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E-rate: Demystifying Special Construction

In case you missed it, Velocity Fiber sponsored a webinar last week titled “E-rate and Fiber Networks: Demystifying Special Construction.” Cynthia Schultz, our Federal Regulatory and Compliance Counsel, put together and moderated a terrific group of presenters including Joe Freddoso (former Cisco executive and former President and CEO of MCNC/The North Carolina Research and Education

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Show Me the Money: E-rate and a Whole Lot More

ICYMI our very own Greg Elliott (SVP, Customer Solutions & Satisfaction) recently hosted a very informative webinar entitled “Show Me the Money: E-rate and a Whole Lot More” and hosted by our friends at Special thanks to our EdTech All-Star lineup including Dr. Sheryl Abshire, Cynthia Schultz, Esq., and Josh Chisom! Whether your district

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FCC votes to auction off education wireless spectrum

If you didn’t hear, the FCC voted to auction off part of the 2.5 GHz spectrum that was reserved for Educational Broadband Service (EBS). Even though Velocity Fiber can bring ultra fast managed lit and dark fiber service to school facilities, building fiber infrastructure out to the home is costly and often cost prohibitive. The

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middle school children using laptops

E-rate FY2020 filing window is open!

It is hard to believe, but July 1st means that another E-rate season is upon us, and all of us at Velocity Fiber are excited! We have been working hard finishing up a fiber build in Pennsylvania, revamping our proposal and pricing templates for E-rate FY2020, and developing new relationships in the EdTech community. We

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